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Never Walk Off Set

We’ve all had those days, whether they be as writers, editors, directors or actors. Somebody on set is being incredibly difficult to deal with. They are demanding something unreasonable, or they’re just treating you like dirt. Regardless, that person has made your day a waking nightmare.

It’s on those days that it’s so important to remember what should be your number one rule for working in the entertainment industry: never walk off set. Whether your ‘set’ is an edit suite, a writer’s room or an actual set, never leave in the middle of a job. You can claim that you were standing up for yourself, that the other person was unreasonable, but the bottom line is you become an X factor in any hiring decisions.

By walking off set, you tell everyone you work with that you are a renegade, and renegades scare producers. The people in charge of hiring like to know that they’re bringing in a known commodity. They like to be able to bet in what they’re going to get out if a person. If there’s even a slight doubt about whether or not you will be 100% committed to a project, they’ll most likely look for alternative options.

Now, I’m not saying lay down and take trouble from anyone willing to dish it, there are proper channels and ways to deal with issues, that may be another topic for a subsequent post. All I’m saying is don’t compromise your work over a grudge or some wrong-doing. All that will do is hurt your career in the long run.

Make sure people like working with you and that you always bring your ‘A’ game and there will always be someone willing to bring you on board. Just never walk off the set.

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