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Take a Break: Rest Even for the Wicked

As I get back from my wedding, and a mini-honeymoon after, I thought I would take a few minutes to expound the virtues of one of the most overlooked rules in the industry. It is important to work hard, and to turn down as little work as possible when you’re starting out. But equally as important is to take a break.

It can be a scary thing when you’re breaking in, especially if you have some momentum going. But it’s important to realize that, as long as you leave everything in good standing, work will always be there for you when you get back. A break can be just as important to your career as work can be, so there are a few things to remember:

1) Don’t Think About Work

This is your first and foremost rule, and it can be a tough one. Try to seclude yourself as much as possible from things that make you think about work. Maybe that means you don’t watch TV or see a movie for a week, or maybe you have the ability to turn off your brain when you’re not working. Either way, don’t think about work.

2) Stay Away from Technology

I’m as much of a tech geek as anyone but when it comes to getting a real break, technology is the enemy. Turn off anything that is going to be receiving work emails or calls so you can give you brain a real break.

3) Stay Away from Work Folk

They may be some of your best friends, but the point of this break is to get away from the industry. You can still get a decent break with work friends, but inevitably the conversation will turn to work, and that is not what you want. For a total recharge live in seclusion with people that aren’t in the industry.

Obviously these rules are guidelines as much as anything, but if you try to follow them you should come back refreshed and ready to tackle all the challenges the industry offers. You’ll be better off, as will the people hiring you, for you having taken the break.

One more important note: while I’m condoning severing ties for your break, I’m not condoning letting commitments slide. Be sure that everything is in good order before you take your break, and that everyone that needs to know is aware you will be out of the loop. If you just up and disappear, you’ll come back relaxed and you’ll stay that way since you’ll have nothing to work on.

Zac Hogle is a writer/director who has worked on several nationally broadcast series and documentaries. You can follow him on Twitter at Twitter.com/zhogle.

All images and videos are the copyright and property of their respective holders. No infringement is intended.

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