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Eloped – Lindsay and Brian Buchanan

November 14, 2010 Leave a comment

Well, it took about a year, but I finally uploaded the wedding video I shot for friends Lindsay Stewart and Brian Buchanan. They came to me wanting to do a parody of the Lonely Island hit ‘I’m on a Boat,’ titled ‘We’re Getting Eloped.’ They came up with the lyrics and brought local musician Jon Hilner on board to take care of the music, and I handled the rest.

We shot in Hawrelak Park, and were fortunate enough to have the weather on our side. Due to equipment constraints, the video was shot on a Sony DCR-HC20. With some tweaks in Avid, the picture quality actually turned out quite good for a standard def camcorder.

The video was edited in a Media Composer 5 suite, the final product is below.

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